Why photography?

I fell in love with photography as a hobby about a year ago.  I bought a Canon Rebel, having some idea that it would open up a world of photography very unlike what I had experienced so far.  My partner is a professional photographer, so I knew that for some people, photography is an absorbing, consuming, almost obsessive hobby.  However, having never owned a serious camera myself, my experiences had been limited by quality of the equipment I possessed.

The Rebel has opened my eyes to how beautiful photographic images can be, and it has also helped me to see that sometimes I have a good eye for photography. I have been enjoying the process of learning the skill of taking a good picture.  I have been enjoying the experience of viewing the world through the eyes of a photographer – this approach enables me to see beauty in details that I would miss otherwise.

In the summer of 2012, I lived for a month in Boston, Massachusetts.  I spent many an afternoon on photo safari around the city.  Photo safaris are great ways to capture the feeling of your location, from your perspective, as well as to capture images that other people might enjoy.  It’s also a great way to explore a location when you are flying solo. You don’t need a companion to have a full and busy afternoon; your feet end up taking you miles farther than you imagine is possible.  Ultimately, it was these photo safaris that made my month in Boston enjoyable and, on particularly difficult days, bearable.

My Boston photo safaris can be found here: http://mariabgood.blogspot.com/2012_07_01_archive.html and http://mariabgood.blogspot.com/2012_08_01_archive.html


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